Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thing 11

I checked out Delicious. I guess out of everything so far, I see the least potential for me in social bookmarking. I have an account and I just don't find it that useful. In theroy, it sounds great, but I seem to spend more time searching for things with Delicious than I would without. It is interesting seeing what other people are tagging; and yes, I do occasionally find something that was worth it. I just don't see me using it.


  1. Why does this tool not seem useful? Have you thought about creating a Delicious page full of the sites you want students to visit?

  2. Well, currently in the ASLC with all the changes this year, we have mostly 3 and 4 year olds. So no, I can't really see using it. Hopefully, if we are able to get a slightly older group in the future, then yes, I suppose I could try it out with them. I just think out of all the Things, this is my least favorite.